Way Opening Workshops

Way Opening Workshops invites you into exploration of spiritual practices in a creative, nurturing environment. Contact us below if you are interested in participating!

Upcoming workshops include:

Testimonials from workshop participants
Thank you, Maia and Anne, for a lovely time together tonight with others
contemplating darkness, winter, and growth.
That was beautifully done.  Freeing and energizing. 

Yesterday was FABULOUS! I think I reflect the sentiment of the group in saying our hearts were full afterward. It’s hard to express how much I needed that, and you created a wonderful space for us to open our hearts. Thank you. I feel more centered today than I have felt for quite some time.

Dear Anne and Maia – thank you for your guidance in welcoming spring through meditation.  I found that each mode helped me to be more focused.  I value these times”apart” with you and whatever group emerges, large or small.  I will look forward to the next opportunity to mark the passage of the year under your skilled and sensitive direction.

Guided Walk at Wood Lake Nature Center
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