Sensing Sufficiency

Much of life is lived wanting more.  

More time, more experiences, more attention, more stuff.  Instead of reaching satiety we continue that everlasting search for… something.

What would it look like to acknowledge sufficiency?  

That I am enough, that I have enough, that enough will be available.

Sufficiency.  Satiety.

This is not a call to ignore deep need: poverty, war, inequity.  We ought to turn toward them, rather than away.  Turning toward creates awareness of our own sufficiency, which in turn fuels generosity.

In the Hebrew scriptures in the book of Exodus, Yahweh provides plentiful manna to eat fresh each day; however, it could not be hoarded, as it would spoil.  The effect was a trust in providence, of provision.  Also important is that these gifts were made available for all-  not just for some.

May a refrain be present among us: I am enough, I have enough.  May there be enough to go around.

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