Coming Through Trauma

During the intense season of the murder of George Floyd, the ensuing protests and necessary uprisings, all in the midst of Pandemic, there was a tension between two energies.  One was the sense of being helpless in the face of such a force as systemic racism.  The other was a compelling agency bidding response and reaction.  Hopefully, we are all beginning to find our voice and our place in this urgent movement.  White people, acknowledge complicity in unjust systems!  People of color, claim authentic voice and moral leadership!  Together, summon courage to act with conviction, stand up for what is right!

We all have experienced a mutual sense of trauma these past months.  For some it may be a reminder of past traumas they have endured.  For others it is the first go-around in sensing the ache of trauma in mind, body, and spirit.  For all of us, our body gives messages about what it needs in this time

I invite you to listen compassionately to your body in this season following and during trauma.  Working at a trauma hospital, I have witnessed first hand what can happen if you ignore these signals that your body sends you.  Your body may be saying, slow down.  It may be saying, reach out.  It may be saying, come home.  If we spend enough time in care of our bodies, minds, and spirits, we develop a deep communication with our needs.  We also develop a capacity to help others claim their own care of themselves.  Self compassion is not a selfish endeavor.  It is the honoring of being an embodied person, and a gratitude for what we have been given to inhabit this world.

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