Look for the beauty

In a time like now it is all the more critical that we be on the lookout for beauty around us.

Just as Mr. Rogers shared that we should look for the helpers, which is so true-

In the year of 2020 we would do well to look for the beauty.

White Sand Beach on the Mississippi

I have near me a beautiful place, the Mississippi River, and more specifically a secret place along the River Parkway called White Sand Beach between Franklin Ave and Lake Street.  Here the river keeps flowing, and the bald eagles keep circling overhead.  The air is crisp today, and the April weather has us fooled each and every day.

Whatever your spiritual tradition, know that beauty is accessible in all times and places.  Anne Frank wrote these words in her diary, “Think of all the beauty still all around you.”

And so today, in this early April of 2020 which has all of us searching for a sense of normalcy and composure, let us look for the beauty, and find it wherever it finds us.  Whether that is in your Higher Power, your Inner Power, your Friends and Family, or in your gift of work that you are providing.  I am sending out a prayer of gratitude for the beauty that I see in you!

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