Seeing our Way in the Dark

Artwork by Cassandra Monson

We begin lighting Advent candles this week, and the first candle represents hope.  Not sure about you, but I have been borrowing hope from people from the past – ancestors, prophets, and rebels.  And borrowing and lending hope back and forth with my faithful coworkers at the hospital where I work during this pandemic.  

December is a dark month, and living well in its darkness asks for a combination of grit and hope.  I once asked my childhood friend Missy what it was like for her to be blind.  She told me that she sees sparkles, and that provides some beauty.  She held my hand when we walked to the park, and she took courageous steps.  

These days, we are all finding our way in the dark.  None of us really knows what the next months will be like.  Barbara Brown Taylor has talked about a “lunar spirituality”, which embraces the dark and needs darkness as much as light  She believes darkness provides opportunity for growth and nourishment.  In the darkness is a beginning, the seed hidden in the soil.

May you find sparkles of light in this darkness, and hope enough for your circumstance.

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