Finding Our Light Bearers

We have arrived at the end of 2020 as a people waiting for light.

Light bearers come when things are at their lowest ebb: they are nurses who hold goodbye ipads for families bidding farewell to their loved ones.  Light bearers arrive as an eddy of hope: they are the first responders who hurry toward the fire instead of away from it.  Lightbearers faithfully appear with good courage: they are our janitors, they are our child care workers.

Light bearers use energy to provide hope for others, but they do not extinguish this energy in the effort.  While holding lamplight for others, they acknowledge that their energy is much more than their own personal light.  They are aware of Inner Light, of communal Light, of Light beyond.

Light comes with the Christ light in this season, and we are told to let our light shine.  In this way, we become lights in the windows for others.  Sometimes we are that lighthouse, and sometimes we scan the horizon to find our own lighthouses.  We take turns being lights for each other.

May Light find you on this cusp of the winter solstice, in the midst of this pandemic, in this year 2020.  May you be well, may you be at ease.

Image from Ansgar Holmberg

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